[Ritsec CTF 2018] Pwn challenges

Write-up of both pwn challenges Gimme sum fud and Yet Another HR Management Framework which are ELF binary compiled from Go lang.

Fast bin attack

Explanation of a heap exploit method, the fast bin duplicate attack. This post is based on the babyheap challenge from the 0ctf Quals 2017.

[P.W.N. CTF 2018] Exploitation class

Points: 200 Category: Exploitation Author: Dagger

[Write-Up] Pragyan CTF - Old school hack

Points: 200 Category: Pwn Description: Chris is trying out to be a police officer and the applications have just been sent into the police academy. He is really eager to find out about his competition. Help it him back the system and view the other applicant’s applications.

[Write-Up] Codegate 2018 preliminary CTF / SharifCTF 8

Write-Up on the challenges "BaskinRobins31" and "OldSchool-NewAge" of the Codegate preliminary and Sharif CTF. This Write-Up will show you two ways to solve a Return Oriented Programming, with and without having access to the LibC.

[Write-Up] SEC-IT Bad-Auth Challenge

Write-Up on the "Bad auth" SEC-IT challenge, or how to exploit a format strings without having access to the binary. (Blind format strings on an amd64)

[Write-Up] Cyber@Hack

Write-Up on the Cyber@Hack CTF.

[Write-Up] Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 2017 - Just do it!

Write-UP of the Pwn challenge "Just do it!" of the Tokyo westerns CTF.

Polymorphic shellcode

How to make a polymorphic shellcode on a Linux system to bypass Network Intrusion Detection Systems.

Basic Shellcode

Introduction to shellcode on a Linux system.